Yes, I do…

Unique wedding planning custom made

You said „YES“ – and immediately afterwards you got dizzy: from joy, happiness and love. But also from everything that needs to be done next and how to build a dream day out of a dream. Your wedding day is supposed to be the most beautiful in your lives and the countdown has just begun!

Your wedding day is mainly one thing: unique! As unique as two human beings are shouting it out loud that they belong together and want to stay together forever. Needless to say, that the demands are high. Everything is supposed to be perfect and thus decisions have to be made thoroughly – and may change. Wedding planning is a process and therefore nothing has to be carved in stone right from the beginning. Our experience will give you the support you need to get all the details being taken care of.

marry me – Hochzeitsagentur has both, longtime expertise and professionalism. Our motto is: we organize the perfect wedding for you; so all you have to do is just say “I do”!

What “perfect” means is an individual definition. You define what “perfect” means to YOU because this day wants to meet YOUR expectations. And we listen.

As full-time wedding planners the team of marry me – Hochzeitsagentur is looking forward to accompanying you from proposal to the Day-Of. We are at your disposal when it comes to research for the perfect venue, referral of all required vendors, such as photographer, DJ, florist, hair stylist and make-up artist, designer of your invitations etc., planning your budget, up to the coordination as onsite management on the Day-Of.

Contact us for a free consultation and let’s get your dream wedding started together 🙂