High Standard

German Wedding Planner Association

The marry me – Hochzeitsagentur was one of the seven professional wedding planners from all over Germany founding the “Bund deutscher Hochzeitsplaner e.V.”  (i.e. the German Wedding Planner Association) in Frankfurt on 10 November 2007. Our aim was – and still is – to give all wedding couples the guarantee to have found a professional, reliable and trustworthy partner in their wedding planner for nothing is more unpleasant for the couples as well as the wedding guests than experiencing one negative surprise after the other on the big day.

All members of the Association are characterized by expertise, longtime experience (at least five years as full-time planner on the market), resourcefulness and personal engagement. The Association is a union of independent wedding planner agencies standing for quality in the wedding industry. We guarantee a perfect wedding planning process by individual consultancy and professional implementation.